How to Download an Entire Website with WGET

28 September , 2011 Bill Linux

If you have ever had to or needed to copy or move a website, wget is quite handy. Wget is open source, available on Linux, OSX and Windows and is very easy to use. A whole website can be downloaded with one simple command.

Wget is a command line program so the name of the program is typed into a terminal followed by the required arguments. To download a file from a website, the wget command is quite simple:


To download recursively all files linked to a page you want to download, -r is used.

wget -r

In the case a web server does not allow download managers, -U can be used to tell the web server you are using a common web browser:

wget -r -U Mozilla

Some web servers may blacklist an IP if it notices that the all pages are being downloaded quickly. the –wait=15 option will prevent this:

wget --wait=15 -r -U Mozilla

The download rate can also be set with the –limit-rate=64K option. limit rate defaults to bytes so a K must be placed after a number for kilobytes:

wget --wait=15 --limit-rate=64K -r -U Mozilla

To make sure that wget does not download files from parent directories, –no-parent can be used:

wget --wait=15 --limit-rate=64K --no-parent -r -U Mozilla

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