01 Managed IT Services

Whatever your digital needs, MPS House have the vision, expertise and commitment to deliver. With extensive experience that covers all aspects of your IT infrastructure, our team are ready to help maximise your business potential and deliver the extensive IT support solutions that work for you and your userbase.

From crucial security assessment and implementation through cloud computing integration, application management including disaster recovery, consulting and a complete support package from onsite support to remote management, we cover every aspect of your digital world. With unmatched attention to detail and a client-first approach that delivers bespoke solutions to meet your precise needs, MPS House are your first choice for your IT strategy.

02 Web Applications

Customers are more demanding than ever, expecting seamless, engaging web experiences that help them achieve tasks quickly and easily. Our bespoke web application development solutions reflect that expectation, delivering the quality experience that ensure your users deserve, and one that will ensure they continue to return again and again.

Working with all leading platforms, our development team always seek out the most effective approach for any project, with a seamless development process that incorporates your brand values and ethos into the application. Our comprehensive development solution covers all aspects of the process, from initial design through to testing and implementation. With a structured development approach and extensive communication, you always know exactly where your project stands at any point in development, ensuring not only high-quality outcomes but a smooth, stress-free experience from start to finish.

03 Mobile Applications

Mobile devices have changed how we work, shop, socialize and more, and with so much time spent on mobile devices today, businesses have to adapt or be left behind. Whether you are looking for a dedicated eCommerce app for your product range, entertainment-based content or an app to help your team perform more efficiently, MPS House can turn your idea into a high-quality mobile application.

We create rich and responsive mobile applications that look good on any screen size, always delivering the quality experience that reflects your brand in a positive way. With a comprehensive development process that takes in extensive testing to ensure the ideal user experience, our structured development.

04 Enterprise Applications

Specialists in crafting innovative solutions that deliver exceptional ROI, we take your existing business challenges and develop highly effective solutions that leverage technology to improve business performance. From your initial strategy through to implementation, we are with you every step of the way, ensuring that your project delivers the capability, user experience and ROI you expect.

We work with you throughout development, from design to roll-out, we keep you involved, encouraging input to ensure that your goals are continually met. Our bespoke builds can feed back into your CRM and ERP solutions as needed, generating the expansive and accurate data needed for detailed, effective insight at every level. Whatever the project, we deliver the results you are looking for.

05 Digital Commerce

Take control of your digital commerce solution with our high-quality, comprehensive solution that delivers the user experience and return on investment that keeps you ahead of the competition. From a bespoke mobile eCommerce solution to a custom digital shopfront, our innovative team leverage the latest technology to deliver a seamless user experience for every user.

Comprehensive testing sits alongside a robust development process, with each iteration building towards the completed digital commerce solution that users find practical and engaging. With seamless integration into your existing infrastructure, our digital commerce solutions allow you to take full advantage of the opportunity that the digital world offers all businesses, while maintaining brand value and user perception.

06 eAdvice Software

A dedicated technology platform purpose built to help financial advisors and other businesses streamline their back-office processes and deliver a more efficient, targeted service to every customer. Using a custom reporting engine and cutting-edge CRM features, eAdvice provides businesses of all sizes with a state-of-the-art software solution that is both effective and affordable.

Developed from the ground up by the team here at MPS House, eAdvice puts all the reporting power you will ever need behind a user-friendly interface that allows you to create the powerful reporting templates you need without spending hours or paying thousands for someone to do it for you. From questionnaires to risk assessment, eAdvice allows you to collect data quickly, and make full use of itwithout the need for extensive development.


‘Our Development Process

  • Discovery
    Create the project plan

    This phase is a discovery workshop to help us gain an understanding of you, your business, and your project’s strategic goals. We want to understand your processes, aspirations and business goals, as well as learn about your current pain points and roadblocks. This maps out what we need to build for you, and defines the budget and timeline. We complete this phase when we're confident that we can deliver a technology solution that not only meets all your current business objectives but also expands your opportunity for growth.

  • Design
    Describe the scope of work

    This is where the fun happens. We take all the information gathered during the discovery phase, and analyze your high level functional and technical requirements so we can accurately define the project goals and scope your project. We then create wireframes, storyboards, prototypes and other assets to document and build consensus around design. We also assess core architectural to support the requirements. If hardware is needed, our design process will focus on developing hardware requirements and assessing our partner ecosystem to bring to bear the right complement of technologies and skill sets to achieve your goals. We iterate through several design review cycles and are in constant contact with you to receive your feedback on our approach.

  • Development
    Follow the build spec

    Development phase picks up where our design phase left off. Once business requirements have been translated into a set of functional and technical requirements, we create a comprehensive project plan to organize and manage the development effort. Multi Platform Software House use an Agile process where the project is broken down into development cycles (called Sprints). As in the design phase, we rely on your feeback during each Sprint cycle to make sure our development is aligned with your business objectives and to make any course corrections if necessary. Your feedback is critical as it informs our process to ensure that what is ultimately developed meets and exceeds your expectations.

  • Quality Assurance
    Does this meet your expectations?

    By having a clear Build Spec, we're able to verify expected features and functionality are met. Our Agile development process is both iterative and transparent: you'll see our work evolve over time. This allows for our teams to work together to solve any issues along the way. We ensure that the solution we’ve developed works as intended and you will have plenty of opportunities to review our work and provide feedback. This process allows us to test, refine and fine-tune your solution before it's introduced to your real-world work situation, providing quality assurance so that you can feel confident it will be successful upon implementation.

  • Launch
    Go Live!

    Once you are satisfied with the performance and functionality of the solution, we move ahead with deployment. Prior to launch, we make production environment configuration and implementation changes and then do final checks to determine whether all the systems are ready for launch. This involves hardware and software integration and testing, application submission (as required), and additional hardware deployment where necessary. With everything proofed & tested we can now unleash your shiny new project live! We team with your producers, project managers, and others to plan and execute a smooth and successful product launch. Once we flip the switch and go live, we closely monitor everything to ensure a smooth experience. We will also work to identify and address any issues discovered post launch.

  • Support and Learning
    We’re still on the job

    Multi Platform Software House provides a variety of services that go well beyond deployment and continue to provide support long after launch. We offer several managed services and ongoing maintenance options (both server and software), as well as training to support your internal teams and prepare them for transition. Software maintenance can include upgrading various components to address security issues, maintain compatibility with third party APIs, remain current with app store guidelines, etc. Server management encompasses the management of hardware, software, security, and backups requirements. We are available for as long as you need us. So sit back, relax and leave the entire thing to us!



Managed Solutions
IT Support

Let us manage your IT infrastructure while you manage your business.

IT Security

Protect your business and data from cyber threats and build customer trust.

Cloud Computing

We seamlessly integrate the flexibility and scalability of cloud computing into your systems.


Ensure the tools you need are always available with our managed application solutions.

Professional Services

From your IT upgrade strategy to ensuring value from your procurement process, we can help.

Development Solutions
Web Applications

A complete end-to-end web development solution for quality, engaging user experiences.

Mobile Applications

Engaging, effective applications that deliver the custom experience your brand needs.

Enterprise Applications

Custom solutions to meet every business need.

Digital Commerce

A bespoke front-end to a unified and integrated backend solution, we bring your digital commerce needs to life.

Financial Advice Solutions
eAdvice Solution

A bespoke software solution for the financial advisory industry.


Few Reasons

Why Choose Us


A team that brings extensive experience across multiple industries, we know what works for you and your users. With exceptional insight and understanding, we not only know the best approach for your business, but exactly how to deliver for your audience.

A client-focused business, we recognise the individual needs of every situation, developing bespoke solutions designed to meet the precise requirements from every client.

With stringent development protocols, extensive testing and industry leading iteration control, we are committed to delivering quality every step of the way throughout the development process.

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Multi Platform Software House prides itself in being the experts in developing software targeting multiple platforms. We only employ the most experienced software developers and information technology experts available.