How to use Linux from Windows

How to use Linux from Windows

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There may be times that you may want a bash terminal or other Linux application but you are stuck in Windows. There are some ways around this so you can still access your Linux applications while using Microsoft Windows. One way would be to use virtualization and run your selected Linux distribution in parallel to your Windows operating system. The technique that will be used in this article will be installing cygwin.

Installing Cygwin
Download the Cygwin installer and double click the setup.exe file.

Leave install from internet selected and click next.

Select where you would like to have Cygwin installed and for what users then click next.

Select where you would like Cygwin to download the files to and click next.

This is where you select what packages to install. Because I only need a Linux terminal window, I add nano and click next. There are many packages you can choose from and they are searchable and sorted nicley so packages are easy to find.

Cygwin will now start downloading and installing the selected packages.

Using Cygwin
Find the icon that was inserted into your start menu and click it.

If you selected to have a icon placed on your desktop, double click it to start Cygwin.

You now have Linux while in Microsoft Windows.

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