Software Development

Software Development


whyThe main question that is asked is why should I pay to get software developed for me or my company if I can find a software package that can do what I want. Well the answer to this is why would you and your staff work around software when you can have the software work around you. An example of this would be a content relationship manager with fields for height, width, square meters and price. If you are in control of the software feature set, the square meter field can auto calculate and the price can be populated automatically by square meters multiplied by a dollar figure.

Endless Possibilities

infinity-singleWhen designing software for your company the sky’s the limit. It is your software, your vision and will operate exactly how you intend it to. Do you need to display product availability online from your database, a mobile application for ordering or displaying information to your customers or want access to your system from anywhere in the world? There is no need to feel overwhelmed because someone will there with you through the design process and new features can always be added at any time.

Cross Platform

cross-platformSoftware can be developed to run on many platforms such as Windows, Linux, OSX, iOS and Android. We use techniques to target multiple platforms which can save money. We keep the logic separate to the user interface which means a majority of the code is reused across multiple platforms. Have your idea reach greater exposure by launching on all of the popular platforms.



cloudCloud services are now extremely popular and is a great way of having access to your company from anywhere in the world and setting up infrastructure for multiple locations. Cloud based web applications have the same benefits of cross platform applications. All that is needed is a web browser which can be running on OSX, Windows, Android, or iOS for example. Application Programmable Interfaces can be added to you Web Application which can enable you to give resellers of your products and services access to wholesale features.

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