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We have now started sharing our programming experience by offering lessons. We provide one on one lessons with an experienced software developer and a web portal for reviewing your lesson, completing quiz’s, essays and programming. For more information see the lessons page.

Short history

Many years ago in 1988 there was a 12 year kid with a passion for computers and developing software. After contacting the local computer store he was now an employed to write some small games, security / encryption solutions and other applications.

Studying computers in high school was not a challenge at all for this kid, he spent a lot of his time helping the teacher with the course material and while other students handed in projects that were small programs that just printed their name multiple times, this 12 year old kid submitted hand written computer code for 2 player space shooter games with vector graphics. In 1988 this was quite advanced stuff. In his final school exam, he came equal first in the entire state for computers (9th in maths and 17th in science).

Most of the software written before 1993 was in basic and assembly language, around this time was his introduction into C with the Lattice C Compiler. Mid to late 90’s was further study and the development of the first email client for Bigpond. This email client also had billing features and also allowed the sending and receiving of rich text emails. This email client was delivered to Australian residents via post.

After the email client he was employed at Sydnet.Net looking after the network and working on software to improve the network. This included web ActiveX plugins for building and customising computers and others. Here he was exposed to and started a love affair with Linux. In 2002 he became one of the first people to become a Microsoft Certified Professional .Net C# programmer (He also became a MCP in Windows Server administration).

The problem of having many target platforms available for software development was an obsession which became the reason behind Multi Platform Software House. Trying to find an efficient way of writing a piece of software that would run on Mac, Windows and Linux was the goal.


now-mdNow that there are many popular platforms available, bringing your software idea to market can be an extremely costly endeavour. Developing on different platforms once meant using multiple languages and writing one piece of software many times. This is no longer necessary as there are now technologies available to create cross platform applications. Using either cross platform libraries of languages that compile into bytecode, as long as the user interface is kept separate, the only thing that needs to be created for every platform is the user interface. There are even techniques that can be used to enable the reuse of the user interface, but for best results it is better to recreate it.

Cloud applications are now extremely popular and Multi platform Software House can bring your web application to life using Windows servers and even cost saving Linux servers. Web applications can be created using a mobile first responsive design using PHP, ASP Core with HTML5 and AJAX for nice neat pages that do not have to reload when a button is pressed.

Here is a list of a few platforms: (Basic List)

Platform Operating System Programing Language
Windows Desktop Microsoft Windows C++, C#, Java, Others
Linux Ubuntu (and others) C, C++, Python, Java, Others
Apple Mac Apple OSX C++, Objective C, Others
Windows Phone Windows Mobile C#
Android Android Java (Dalvik / ART)
iPhone iOS Objective C, Swift

The idea is to use a language that will compile on all platforms. If the logic and user interface is kept separate, a lot of the work is only done once.

Our Expertise

expertiseMulti Platform Software House prides itself in being the experts in developing software targeting multiple platforms. We only employ the most experienced software developers and information technology experts available.

With years of experience in:

  • Project Management
  • Software Design
  • Software Development
  • Web Design
  • Web Development

Contact us to discuss how we can help you expose your software idea to a larger audience while saving money.

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